Featured Quilter

Peggy Gelbrich

Teacher & Quilt Maker

For over 35 years, Peggy has been quilting and teaching quilt making. Teaching and sharing the art of quilt making is her passion. She especially enjoys the time spent with fellow quilters, helping them learn new techniques. She has taught quilt making across the United States and Canada at large guild classes, quilting retreats as well as small private groups in her home. Her patience and teaching style earned her a nomination for Teacber of the Year from Professional Quilter magazine.

Originally from Oregon, Peggy spent 22 years in Ketchikan, Alaska with her husband, Ron. Between raising their three children and a full time job, Peggy taught quilt making and made quilts that won many awards and were accepted for showing at the American Quilt Society show in Paducah, Kentucky and the Association of Pacific Northwest Quilter’s show in Seattle, Washington. Her quilt, “Roses for Travis and Sharon” is pictured in the book, “Rose Sampler Supreme,” by Rosemary Mahkan. She has been published in Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting and Quilter’s Newsletter magazines.

Peggy continues to update her skills and knowledge about quilting techniques. She teaches all types of machine piecing as well as handwork including needle turn applique and band quilting. She is always looking for that next quilting challenge to learn and pass onto her students.